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Route Planning

A lot of people want to see some ideas for planning your route.

Our website offers a range of suggestions including:

• the classic Pacific Coast Highway,

• a mix of the best the USA West Coast has to offer.

• a stunning tour of the California National Parks

• California doesn't have it all - how about a Washington Road Trip?, and

• the ultimate West Coast USA Road Trip challenge. A quick whistle stop zip up (or down) the West Coast.

Cannon Beach

Road Trip Tips

I've also shared my road trip planning guide, with lots of advice to make your trip go smoothly and perhaps make it a little cheaper too.

Getting a tourist visa can feel a stressful experience, but it is straightforward, and I advise how you can avoid being ripped off.

I also offer some cost and time saving things to consider when arranging your West Coast Flights and hotels.

Over the following months our web site will be developed further to give you some great ideas.

We won't claim to have all the answers for your Road Trip as your route plan will depend upon personal preference, your energy levels and the time you have for your vacation, but we hope you pick up some bright ideas and suggestions here.

Meanwhile, our plan your trip section offers you some great advice on getting a USA vacation visa, discusses car hire and flight options, tips on driving in the USA and even how to save money buying a USA GPS system.

One of the best things to do on any USA Coast Road Trip is to go whale watching. Just use the tab on the right to work out when the best time is to visit, and the types of whales you can see.

As well as showing you some “must see” sites, our website will offer specific destination advice on restaurants, bars, hotels and activities and most importantly offer you a few hot tips you might not have thought of. Vacations are precious times so it is worth taking time out now to plan to get the most from your trip.

We want to make our website even more helpful if we can, so your feedback is important to us. Likewise, if you have a helpful tip you want to share just drop us a line, using the share your thoughts tab. We will add good ones to the site and give you a credit. Likewise, we know things change and we can't keep an eye on everything so please let us know if we have something wrong.

Alternatively just e-mail us at info@westcoast-usa-roadtrip.com

Happy browsing and we hope you find the advice helpful. http://www.westcoast-usa-roadtrip.com/plan-my-route.html

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